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Nonton The Map of Tiny Perfect Things 2021 – There must be something ironic about a movie that is about time loops and the recurrence of certain events, essentially recreating similar emotional beats that have already been covered by this sci-fi genre. If everything is cyclical, then maybe it makes sense that these narratives would also be cyclical! But at least to the credit of “The Map of Tiny Perfect Things,” the film knows its pop-culture touchstones (“Groundhog Day” and “Time Bandits”) and acknowledges the influence those Harold Ramis and Terry Gilliam classics have on its YA story. That doesn’t make the film particularly unique, but at least it makes “The Map of Tiny Perfect Things” honest.

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The Map of Tiny Perfect Things 2021 Sub Indo – Written by Lev Grossman of The Magicians fame and directed by Ian Samuels, who also helmed the YA film “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser,” “The Map of Tiny Perfect Things” is set in one of those cutely small American towns where the main strip is full of quaint shops and everything is blandly satisfying. It’s so nice that high school senior Mark (Kyle Allen) hasn’t exactly minded reliving the same 24 hours for something like 1,000 days. He has every same day down to a routine: He wakes up and banters with his little sister, butts heads with his father (Josh Hamilton), skips and hops into school, stopping accidents and other little disasters along the way, and then he just wanders around. He plays video games with best friend Henry (Jermaine Harris), or goes to the neighborhood pool, or steals construction equipment to drive down the street.
And then at midnight, his body automatically falls asleep, and the day resets—time rewinds, events move backward, colors leech out of Mark’s surroundings and swirl upward into the sky. When he wakes up the next day, it’s always the same.