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nonton the devil below sub indo  , Full Movies Transmission Download Online Clock: Shookum Hills is a small mining city in the Appalachian field. He was abandoned by all his inhabitants at the end of the 60s due to a mysterious fire in the mine that released poisonous gas. No one knows how the fire began, but the cleric, Darren (Adan singing) and the theoretical team plan to find out.

They hire an expert in wildlife, Arianne, played by Alicia Sanz and, to guide them to this hidden city in the hills and ensure their safety as they investigate. and As they approached the city,

it became clear that the premises would do everything possible to avoid their entrance. At least, this is what happened in the devil below.The devil then written by Eric Scherbarth and Stefan and Jaworski and directed by Bradley Parker,

tells the story of a father (Will Patton) and his son, leaving the mines at Shookum Hills around 60s. His son was snatched and He dragged at such a speed, and there was no way a human could take it. The father fainted and the audience was it not sure if he survived the attack or not. This scene really sets the mood for the whole movie.

Who or what was behind the attack? and When we learn about how the city was abandoned and the theory behind the fires in the mines, we immediately begin to form our own ideas.

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Alicia Sanz does an extraordinary job like Arianne, a strong female character who runs the risk of her own safety to protect the team from academics that use her. Towns people eager to keep these strangers away from the abandoned city gave me a massacre atmosphere of the and  Texas fly, but soon the reasons for their hostility were discovered.

Each actor in this movie does an incredible job, even those with very little screen time. The effect, however, leaves something to be desired. They are not bad, but they could be better. For example, there is a great scene in the second half of the film that involves a grenade and, as I observe in suspense by the enormous explosion that is about to happen,

I am rewarded with what it feels like a burp after swallowing a lot of Club soda. Small details like that can reduce the general impact of the film. Everyone and all, the devil next is a solid movie, and with a lot of creepy moments, full of moments and it is worth observing.

Alicia Sanz did an incredible job like Arianne, a strong female character who runs the risk of her own safety to protect the team from academics and  that hired her. and The towns that wish to keep these strangers away from the abandoned city, and as they give me a kind of vibes of massacre from the Texas fly at first, but soon the reason for their hostility is given. Each individual actor in this film did a fabulous job, even those who had very little screen time.

The Devil Below (2021)