Shook (2021) 4.1331


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nonton Shook sub indo – SHOOK opens with a smart satirical visual gag. It reveals the distribution of characters, a group of female online influencers who hold various products, arriving at a Swanky event, with flashbulbs appearing. An edition of another angle shows everything that seems that it seems, which defines pretty much the tone for the rest of the film: a thriller in the tradition of the rod-and-slash, but the one that continues to pull the carpet under the expectations of the viewer.

After the first bit gorey of bad foot (literally, it involves a shoe as a weapon), a specialist of blonde beauty Mia (Daisye tutor) emerges like the main protagonist. After stopping his family home in the suburbs to watch cute lapdog chico for his sister Nicole (Emily Goss) for a few days, it gradually becomes clear that the mother of Mia and Nicole died not so long ago, and that The two sisters have a grudge stimulus, mainly because the passive-aggressive nicole returns Verby, irresponsible mia not to help more when their mother died. Apparently surgically attached to his smartphone, Mia broadcasts updates on his fans and register with other friends across the city who continue to ask him to celebrate with them. But then, the neighbor on the other side of the street (Grant Rosenmeyer) reaches via a text and a call, and it becomes clear that it could be a suspect in a chain of dogs and murders in the region.

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nonton Shook sub indo – Once the danger is established, the director of the writer Jennifer Harrington becomes at work in deployment of jump peels and reveals that are strictly unleashed generic frightening stuff. What makes it a little more interesting is the whole social media / home home, which creates some interesting challenges to demonstrate what is happening at different locations. Harrington uses simple projections on the landscape to show what’s going on in the MIA phone; Later, there are style zoom screens with several characters that overall overall when the horror unfolds.

Everything is very 2021, and you can not help but ask you how it will age, but as a launch pad for the director and his distribution, it is a very repairable platform. The tutor is particularly good at the terrified head and manages to make vapid, narcissistic mia just friendly enough that you will not necessarily want to see it, or a cute of the Chico River, being killed.