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nonton Leizhenzi: The Origin of the Gods ( 2021 )The film is based on the new “inauguration of the gods”, which tells the history of Yuanshi Tianzun, one of the highest divinities of Taoism, which set up the formation of God sealing with the spiritual energy of the sky and From the earth and sent people to feathers a way. In recent years of Yin and Shang dynasties, Tking Shang Zhou was tyrant of all the earth. To save the world, the seniors of the tribe of feathers have thrown celestial stone in the mortal world and deliberately injected the binoculars into their Xinhuan twin sons to everyone to protect the true “General” Leizhenzi. Over the years, Leizhenzi, born different, aspires to be chosen as his brother Xinhuan, but he knows that the gears of fate have already started and he will open the first station of the great seal of the gods.

Lezhenzi is a celestial being created by a big storm at Mount Hirondelle. Ji Chang had been the one who receives for the first time the little newborn and so the baby became the third son of Ji Chang. However, Yunzhongzi would take the newborn as his own disciple; Because it was intended to help create the new Zhou dynasty.

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Seven years later, at a time when Ji Chang flee his life from the capital after finally released, Lezhenzi, seven years, was sitting with his master, Yunzhongzi, at the top of Mont South. Once Leizhenzi has been said to help her father, but take a hold of his weapon first – which was on the edge of the cliff – Lezhenzi looked everywhere. Soon, Leizhenzi found two great apricots at the edge of the cliff and eaten them with a hurry due. Immediately by following that, his surprise, two large wings suddenly sprouted from Leizhenzi’s back and his face became that of a monster.

Once Lezhenzi returned to his father, he received a golden rod as a weapon and was charged with finally helping his father. Thus, once Lezhenzi met his father at the top of a mountain slope, he first treated General Lei and Yin by creating rock sliding with his golden cane. Outstanding on the back of Leizhenzi, Leizhenzi then transported his father through the five mountain passes. With these words, Leizhenzi left his father: “My father, you are now safe. Now, I must say goodbye and return to Mont South End. Please take care of you. I’ll see you one day. ”


Duration: 81 Min


Release Date: 2021-02-18