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Riders of Justice (2020)

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Nonton Film Riders of Justice (2020) Streaming Movie Sub Indo

Anders Thomas Jensen, the prolific Danish writer and most recently the director of the absurd comedy men and chicken, host in homes – and hopes cinemas – with another unfavorable unfavorable film involving poorly matching males, again With Mads Mikkelsen leading the melee. It is not just Mikkelsen is recognizable here, however: the actor seems to have channeled Jean Reno from Leon to play a hairless army veteran with unparalleled shooting skills and pathological aversion to therapy.

This becomes advanced on the plot, however, which attacks more important themes such as fate and coincidence and the meaning of life as part of a fatal explosion on a suburban train and Its benefits. The riders of justice are salty, violent, transgressive, pushbutton, non-pc and laughter-fate funny sometimes – and when you do not waste and do not laugh, it’s only to ask the mind that has shot all together. Rooming with its other men and other Chicken Stars Nicolas Bro and Nikolaj Lie Klaas, Jensen moves to his own beat that can spend punctual virgin murder in Cuddly Christmas riders – quite literally – Breakneck speed.

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A foggy seasonal prologue establishes a key role for a blue bike stolen throughout this perspiration. Now Mathilde (Andrea Heicke Gadeberg) can not go to school and worse, his mother’s car will not start. They take the train. So Otto (Nikolaj Lie Klaas), a statistical and an obsessive probability, which has just been fired with his partner of Lennart (Lars Bygmann). Destiny intervenes. The train explodes; Mathilde Mother dies and his father, the Markus Prohibition (Mikkelsen), returns from the active obligation to “take care of her”, which mainly involves drinking beer silently, sitting in his giant barn and giving Brutal talks on how afterlay is a fiction. He even strikes his friend, the nine-age fun, Sirius with blue hair (Albert Rudbeck Lindhardt).

Otto, meanwhile, is convinced that the explosion was not a coincidence and registered his friends Hackers Lennart and Emmenthaler (Nicolas Bro) to prove a conspiracy by the brutal riders of the Danish justice. Whether these people are malfunctive does not approach enough to describe the malfunction levels, especially when they move all with Markus, joined by a trafficking Ukrainian prostitute that is happening as an au pair for Mathilde. After his 4,000 hours of therapy, Lennart says he is qualified to treat Mathilde, who suffers from sweet PTSD. And when Markus decides that he will avenge his wife, they all join the purchase and assembly of machine guns, even if they have previously discussed the drainage of the bank accounts of the riders of justice and ” Signatories of many memberships “.

Jensen reveals himself by pushing the limits of what is good taste – probably very little here, was it to be completely dissected. Yet there is a comic force at stake, especially at the bankrupt and profane banner between Lennart and Emmenthaler, which sweeps all aside before that. This and the oozing absurdity that these “too smart charlatanes” play with a right face, help Jensen balance on a tough rope between farce and tragedy for a longer duration than it may be strictly desirable. Riders of justice can stumble in the repetitiveness and the terribly ambitious changes of the tonal gear filmmakers make grind – it is never clear here what to take seriously, and this can be delicate when it comes to the levels of high violence of heaven.


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Nonton Film  Riders of Justice (2020)

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